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Salt Water Fishing  Photo's

Fish are here waiting to have they're

picture taken with you!!!



Time for Trout


What a fun Day!!!                                                                                                       

                                          Trout- trout-trout!!!!                                                                                           



                                 Nice Catch Teddy!!!!!                                                                                                       



O Happy Day--Great Drum Fishing!!!





                                                                                                                        WAY TO GO MATT            



                           Just caught supper big time, o so good to eat..


       Good Old Country Boys-doing a little fall fishing.


                                          I just love to fish-catch whatever I can.


                      Great Day Fishing with Capt Charles Brown..


                                             I Love to Fish-can we go again?

     got my supper..



     shark on the line..



 good job Scott.


  Boys and Girls look at the Cobia they're catching


               Giant Red Drum on the run---                I'm letting you go grow --see ya again soon.


                                            good job Chris & Joe- first timers



                                           Specs for supper- mm -mm-good!!


             Mahi Mahi  best eating in town along with King steaks on the grill.


     Brooks is loving it.                                                           Carly's first time catching a big one.


                                        Max and Gary had a great Day-what a blast..


                        Nancy and Dave did a good job catching these big Boys.


                                These young men from the Neuse Sports Shop want to go again.




   Nice Trout Mike                                                                               Josh first big Drum.



                              Catching 2 at a Time!!!!                     


                              Drum Drum everywhere!!


                      Some of the most Awesome fish to catch Down East..


                   When can we go again???????



                                     SCOTT O Was catching these babies 2 at a time..


                                          Catching Puppies..


                              Are you here yet? Ready to catch some good fish??






                           Great Time-Great Friends-Great Fishing!!!!






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